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💎This Color Set includes (4)51g/1.8oz containers of pigment (Mahogany, Bora Bora Blue, Black Diamond and Emerald Green) and (1) Variety pack containing 10 different colors 5g each (Midnight Blue, Lux Blue, Caribbean Blue, FireBrick Red/Pink, Blissful Blue/Green,Blue Slate, Burple, Iridescent Blue, Cambridge Blue, Pure Blue/Green)

💎 Customer is responsible for all import fees and taxes 

💎 1g of pigment per 1-8oz of epoxy (1g per 4-8oz for Ghost Series). 25-50g of pigment per gallon of peelable paint. Please see pigment portion guide for help. All of these pigments are 10-60 microns. NON-TOXIC Highest Quality Mica, Titanium Dioxide. Melting point 1200-1800°F) (pH : 6.0-9.0 4% H2O) BEST IF ADDED TO A CLEAR BASE LIQUID OVER A BLACK BASE FOR TRUE COLOR

💎 (Use for 😀 plastics 😋 slime 😎 epoxy 💅🏼 nail polish 💕 automotive paint 💖 lacquer 😍 soap 😋 resins 🤗 fiberglass 😜 bath bombs 😲 lip stick 😱 lip balm 😳 latex 🤓 rubber 😇 screen printing 😻 candle making 🤠 blush 😲 crafts 😝 jewelry 👽 Plastidip  🤔 lotions 😁 creams 😎 plastic resins 🙂 nail polish 😲 melt pour soap 😍 embossing 😇 wood and much more!) Do NOT use with concrete the color will not be the same as displayed.

💎NON-TOXIC Professional Grade Mica

💎 ALL of our pigments are ethically sourced 100% VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE


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